Jewelry Care


Always remember the mantra: "Last on, first off".

This means, adorn your jewelry after all your personal grooming rituals - be it makeup, clothing, or perfume. Conversely, start by taking off your jewelry when undressing or winding down. Many beauty products have chemicals that could tarnish your precious items. Plus, the last thing you want is for your clothing to snag on a piece.


Before engaging in any intense physical activity, from workouts to weightlifting or even dancing, always remove your jewelry. An accidental knock could cause more damage than you think.


Always take off your jewelry before sleeping to prevent blankets or sheets from catching on them or any potential night-time hand movements that might harm them.


Harsh substances like chlorine, bleach, or even components in everyday products like nail-polish remover, perfumes, or hairsprays could potentially damage your jewelry or specific gems. Always be cautious.


Keep your jewelry in a cool, sun-free spot. Just as sunlight can harm our skin, prolonged exposure can affect certain gemstones.


To maintain the brilliance of your ring's centerpiece:

  • Remove it before activities like handwashing, showering, or applying lotion.
  • Soaps and lotions can leave residues that cloud the gemstone over time.
  • Use a lint-free, 100% cotton cloth to polish.
  • A soft toothbrush, lukewarm water, and mild dish soap can help in gentle brushing.
    However, for delicate stones like turquoise or pearls, avoid submerging them. Instead, dip a soft cleaning cloth into the solution and gently wipe.
  • Avoid using ultrasonic cleaners on micro-pavé stones, pearls, emeralds, or turquoise.